Michael Robinson born in Guyana South America came to England at the age of sixteen.

He started the apprenticeship at Heeden & Coopers Engineering C.O. and went to the night- school.

While working, he was always singing.

His aunt bought him a guitar for his seventeenth birthday, but he couldn't play it. So his aunt bought him a set of drums and that was it! He became a drummer and played in a band called "Noel and the Fireballs" that he formed and played back-up for "The Pionieres" and "Desmond Decker" at the Wembley Stadium. He also played once with Jimmy Cliff an did some recordings with Eddie Grant and with the "The Fireballs".


Then as time moved on, he came over to Switzerland in order to work with a band called "Cohana". They produced a record that did quite good and took them on tour to Germany and Italy. He played with "Black Earth" in Gstaad with "Chester Simons Superlove" and he toured through Norway, Finnland and Sweden. In Italy he played with the blues-singer "Jessy James King".

In the meantime he became a D.J. and a Singer and worked in different clubs all over Switzerland. He wrote eleven songs of his own album "Come on let's dance" and a cover- version of "I want to wake up with you" on a maxi-single.

He wrote four books: "Bumpy and Zap", "Zakan and Zana", "Drop out" and his biography. This year he played at the Palace in Montreux at the Jazz Festival. After he had already written a musical named "Guyana", he is at the moment working on a new album called "Guyana".

His favourite singers are Otis Redding, Brook Benton, Emile Ford, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.